Q) At what age did you start having symptoms of bipolar disorder and what were the symptoms?

A) I first started having symptoms at an early age - I would estimate around 8 or 9 years old.  My number one symptom was severe anxiety which translated into having an extremely difficult time sleeping at night.  As a child, I also experienced depressive states at times.


Q) What was it like playing for Tony Dungy?

A) Playing for coach Dungy was quite an honor.  He not only was a great coach but somebody I could go to with any type of question or issue on or off the field.  The care and compassion he shows not only to his players but to everyone he encounters is truly remarkable.


Q) When and how were you finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder?

A) I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 1 (with mixed states) in December of 2010.  I had symptoms my entire life but was not diagnosed because I did not seek treatment.  Unfortunately, my wife had a miscarriage and it triggered me to go into a severe manic episode.  At that point, I sought medical/psychiatric treatment and was diagnosed by professionals.



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